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Metal Pavillion

Custom Gabled Pavilion Pike Creek, Texas

Custom Pavilion Pike Creek, Texas This pavilion, measuring 30'x25', was built in Pipe Creek, Texas and custom designed to fit with the existing outdoor fireplace. The pavilion was built on a pre-existing concrete slab that had preset metal plates. It was also built in and amongst mesquite trees, which we left as many of uncut as possible at the request of the owners.


McQueeny Texas Free Standing Metal Pavillion

McQueeny Texas Free Standing Metal Pavillion Electrical was ran through the posts during the build of this 15'x16' Custom Pavillion. This pavillion is now the perfect meeting place for family members to get together and stay cool during the hot summer days while the kids run around.


Metal Gabled Pavilion Atascosa County Charolette Texas

Metal Gabled Steel Pavilion located in Atascosa County near Charolette, Texas. This awning measured 20'x20'. The peak was 9' in the center and 8' on the ends. The all metal awning was requested by customer to cover existing concrete slab covered in flagstone to be used as a bar-b-que area. The awning was painted a deep brown which was the customer's request.


Backyard All Steel Custom Pavilion West San Antonio

This Backyard All Steel Custom Pavilion in West San Antonio was built with two tiers at the request of the customer. The top tier reaches 16' tall at the peak with the eaves of the main pavilion body at 8' tall. The barnyard red Metal R-Panels are a custom feature that was requested by the customer.


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