Just had a carport built to protect my car from hail. It is all metal and it is solid. The weather this spring and early summer made things tough but they finished the work and even worked long hours to get the job done right. I am pleased. The cost was good and it will save damage to my car in the next hail storm. It also is going to make a good shade area to have parties

A few years ago we hired Rodney to build us a carport, not sure of what to expect, since the price was so reasonable compared to other companies. It has been the best thing we ever did! The carport is awesome, it continues to stand up to all kinds of weather year after year. Rodney truly knows what he's doing and cares very much about the job being done well. I'm really glad I called him. My sister had one built too and is just as pleased. It's wonderful to have someone you can trust and rely on to get the job done right.

J. Robinson

“Rodney and crew have done a couple of big jobs for me,(way out in the country). In both cases he did a great job, I plan to have him back to do more work. I highly recommend him, he is honest and trustworthy and does quality work. It’s been awhile, but thanks Rodney.”

W. Nelson, Junction Texas

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Hey man, just wanted say thanks for building the awesome carport. I decided to write you an email after we had 55Mph winds here in San Antonio just a couple of days ago. I have to admit, I was a bit worried about the carport buckling with all the wind. It did not even flex a little with the high wind. I still love the way you matched it EXACTLY to my workshop and the lights are AMAZINGLY bright. Thanks a million from Robert. Anyone reading this I was so happy with my carport , I whipped up a this website for Rodney. FYI, Rodney can't even spell computer. BUT the dude sure can build stuff. He also built a killer firewood stack with a cover, heavy duty work table and a router table for my projects. ALL from steel!

I called Rodney on a Friday and asked him how quickly he could get a new carport installed. I told him I had a project coming up and the carport would be a life saver.  I was blow away when he had it done Monday AM. He started on it Sunday. Talk about fast turn around!

To be quite honest about the carport, I did not expect much in the way of looks and quality when Rodney quoted me a price. I had called big name places in town and the prices were over TWICE the price! So when he finished the job, I was MORE than pleased. If you are looking for a great carport at a great price, you can't go wrong with Rodney!

The only negative to working with Rodney is the dude will talk your ear off! 🙂

R Ruiz - San Antonio TX Redland Road & 281 N area

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