Monthly Archives: August 2013

Custom All Steel Pole Barn, Pipe Creek, Texas

Custom All Steel Pole Barn, Pipe Creek, Texas This pole barn was built for the same customer as the all metal pavilion seen here. It measures 30'x20'x9' and was framed with 3"x3" 14 g. square tubing. An 8" purlin was used for the center beam, and 6" purlin was used for the rafters. Each post was set into dug out rock 24 inches and sealed in concrete. This ensures that the structure will stand firm in most storms and inclimate weather. Three sides of the pole barn were enclosed, and along with the roof were covered in 26 gauge galvalume R-panels.


Custom Gabled Pavilion Pike Creek, Texas

Custom Pavilion Pike Creek, Texas This pavilion, measuring 30'x25', was built in Pipe Creek, Texas and custom designed to fit with the existing outdoor fireplace. The pavilion was built on a pre-existing concrete slab that had preset metal plates. It was also built in and amongst mesquite trees, which we left as many of uncut as possible at the request of the owners.


Pleasanton, Texas Attached All Steel Porch Awning

Pleasanton, Texas Attached All Steep Porch Awning The customer requested an awning that would allow her to enjoy her porch whether rain or shine. As a result, we were able to provide the customer with a custom attached 25'x12' patio. The awning is attached the home and sealed using a 25 year urethane caulk.


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