Carport , Patio Cover, Awning and Deck Cover Prices

Carport , Patio Cover, Awning and Deck Cover Prices

Due to my low overhead (home based business) and longstanding relationship with material providers here in San Antonio,  I can provide some of the most aggressive pricing in San Antonio - Carport , Patio Cover, Awning and Deck Cover Prices

I offer two types of pricing A la carte & turnkey:

Al la Carte Pricing:

We offer competitive pricing. Please contact us with your project size, style and colors. We will be happy to provide the best price for quality structure in San Antonio area.

Patio Cover Base Installation without any options

Patio Cover Base Installation without any options

If I can keep my time to a minimum your cost will be kept lower.  On a simple lean to structure, the patio cover, awning or deck cover posts & beams will be a “primer red color” , the roof panels will be silver. This primer will need to be painted within 2 weeks of installation. From that point on we have many options to choose from. We can do just about any color on the roof panels and posts.

Options and other charges that might apply to your project:

  1. Paint to match home or building
  2. Change Orders
  3. Wiring – Electrical, Speaker & Cable TV etc.
  4. Taller Structures
  5. Gable / A Frame
  6. Curved or bent steel for higher end structures
  7. Rocky Terrain - Example Stone Oak Area
  8. Limited or restricted access to work site.
  9. No power on job site.
  10. Mileage Charge
  11. Commercial or Business structures - call me to discuss.

Turnkey Pricing:

This is for folks who don't have time to be running around town and just need the job done. I can still offer the best price in San Antonio, but I have to make sure I cover my time and expenses to get the job done. These jobs are quoted as a flat rate and we will come up with a project description.

NOTE: If a permit is required, I will pass the permit fees to the home or business owner. Also, Please keep in mind I have to charge for my time in dealing with city officials. This of course is passed to home or business owner.

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