Can you paint the structure to match my house / building?

Can you paint the structure to match my house / building?

Yes I can paint it for you! However, to keep our prices low, we give you the option to paint the structure yourself or have me do it. The materials we use are primered and ready for paint. If you want me to paint the structure, I offer two different options:

1.      $1.25 cents a square foot. The building / home owner will  take a color sample or choose a contrasting color of your choice to a nearby Sherwin Williams paint center and purchase the specified amount of paint. The paint MUST be on-site before I begin the job. Some of the materials are painted BEFORE I install. If you do not have the paint ready for me this requires more time on my part.

2.      $2.00 a square foot, I will take a color sample that you provide head over the Sherwin Williams and purchase the paint. I will wait in line and have them color match to your provided example.  I will leave the extra paint for touch ups.

NOTE: This is for basic structures only. Taller and unusual structures will be quoted on a per job basis.

Click here to see an unpainted structure.

NOTE: Keep in mind you need to paint the structure within 2 weeks. The primer is not intended for long term exposure to elements.

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