Hey man, just wanted say thanks for building the awesome carport. I decided to write you an email after we had 55Mph winds here in San Antonio just a couple of days ago. I have to admit, I was a bit worried about the carport buckling with all the wind. It did not even flex a little with the high wind. I still love the way you matched it EXACTLY to my workshop and the lights are AMAZINGLY bright. Thanks a million from Robert. Anyone reading this I was so happy with my carport , I whipped up a this website for Rodney. FYI, Rodney can't even spell computer. BUT the dude sure can build stuff. He also built a killer firewood stack with a cover, heavy duty work table and a router table for my projects. ALL from steel!

I called Rodney on a Friday and asked him how quickly he could get a new carport installed. I told him I had a project coming up and the carport would be a life saver.  I was blow away when he had it done Monday AM. He started on it Sunday. Talk about fast turn around!

To be quite honest about the carport, I did not expect much in the way of looks and quality when Rodney quoted me a price. I had called big name places in town and the prices were over TWICE the price! So when he finished the job, I was MORE than pleased. If you are looking for a great carport at a great price, you can't go wrong with Rodney!

The only negative to working with Rodney is the dude will talk your ear off! 🙂

R Ruiz - San Antonio TX Redland Road & 281 N area

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