Lucy’s Cake Shop, Leon Valley Custom Carport

Lucy’s Cake Shop, Leon Valley Custom Carport


Lucy's Cakes 24'x22' Before


Lucy's Cakes 24'x22'


Lucy's Cakes


Lucy's Cakes, front view


Lucy's Cake, Custom awning


Lucy's Cakes, close up

Lucy's Cake Shop, Leon Valley Custom Carport

Lucy's Cake Shop, Leon Valley Custom Carport  Everyone in San Antonio loves Lucy's Cakes!   We were super excited to get the call to build them their personal carport at their place of business.  As you can see, this 24'x 22' carport adds just what they needed to keep their cars out of the elements.  Whether rain or shine, cars parked below this sturdy structure will be kept safe and cool!

Forget flimsy portable carport kits!  Choose a steel structure!

A permanent structure is a lifelong investment that will add to the value of your home, protect your investment and will improve your landscape. With all of the recent hail storms, my past customers have reported that there has hardly been a ding in their structures! If you still need more options then let us inform you that you can also order custom widths and lengths, simply give us a call or send a message.

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I am the designer and builder on each and every project.  A quality carport, awning or patio cover will provide many years of shade and protection if designed and installed correctly. Get it done right and the first time, call me today.

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Be sure to take a look at my other projects, we can come up with unique design and product to fit your needs!

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